What is ISO certification in Singapore?

ISO certification in Singapore, facilitated by Advanced System Assurance Pte Ltd (ASA), involves a rigorous process where companies undergo audits to ensure compliance with ISO standards. ASA serves as a leading certification body in Singapore, specializing in ISO certification services. They do not provide consultancy but focus on conducting audits and certifying organizations that meet the requirements of various ISO standards.

You can contact Advanced System Assurance Pte Ltd at:

  • Address: Unit 09-23, 81 UB One, Ubi Avenue 4, Singapore 408830
  • Phone: +65 6444 1218
  • Email: enquiry@asasg.com

Whether your company seeks ISO 9001 for quality management, ISO 14001 for environmental management, ISO 45001 for occupational health and safety, or other relevant standards, ASA can guide you through the certification process. Their expertise and impartial evaluation can help your business demonstrate its commitment to excellence and compliance with internationally recognized standards.