Should a client company have any reason to complain regarding the conduct of Advanced System Assurance Pte Ltd employees, then the complaint should be made in writing to Advanced System Assurance Pte Ltd on the complaint form

Should Advanced System Assurance Pte Ltd receive a complaint by a user of a registered
client, indicating that a certified client no longer complies with Advanced System Assurance Pte Ltd requirements, then it may be necessary to either initiate withdrawal of certification, or conduct a full re audit of the client, at extra cost to the client.

Complainants will receive an acknowledgment of receipt immediately and the complaint will be investigated and decided upon within a maximum of 30 days from initial receipt. Upon receipt of the completed complaints form, the details will be entered onto the appeals register to enable tracking of the status of the complaint.

Complaints received about a certified client shall be referred to the client in question at a suitable time to enable an effective investigation to take place, confidentiality shall be considered at all stages

All certified clients shall make available, when requested, records of all complaints and corrective actions taken, in accordance with the management system standards or other normative documents.

Initially the completed complain form, and associated evidence will be by the appointed certificate decision maker(s) and the Advanced System Assurance Pte Ltd audit staff responsible for the client, to determine if the complaint is justified.

If the complaint is deemed to be justified then a NCR shall be identified in line with ASA procedures and actions taken to identify and address the underlying cause of the failure that led to the complaint

The results of the complaint investigation process shall be communicated to the complainant without delay, where deemed appropriate the results of the complaint investigation may bemade public.

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