ISO 14001:2015 Environmental Management System

ASA has been providing Environmental Management System certification audit since 2016 and it is accredited.

The Environmental Management System ISO 14001 standard specifies a process for the control and the continual improvement of an organization’s environmental performance. The management system enables an organization to identify and control the environmental impact of its activities, products and services to continuously improve its environmental performance and, to implement a systematic approach to set and achieve environmental objectives and targets.

ISO 14001 is a global standard for Environmental Management Systems (EMS). The goal of the ISO 14001 standard is to give the top management of any organization a framework for managing environmental impacts. Because of its generic nature and universal acceptance, ISO 14001 has the potential to affect the environmental management practices of virtually every manufacturing company in the world — its impact even extends beyond the industrial realm. Any company whose products, services or day-to-day activities have an impact on the environment needs to be aware of ISO 14001.

The advantages of being ISO 14001:2015 Certified

  • Reduced risk of non-compliance with legislation and subsequent costs/prosecution
  • Improved brand image as customers will see an organisation that is in control of its impact on the environment
  • Improved business focus and communication of environment issues
  • Improved profitability through costs reductions and improved customer satisfaction
  • Improved environment performance led by top management commitment
  • Cost savings can be achieved through improved efficiencies in energy and water usage and through waste minimisation
  • Reduced risk of pollution incidents and other releases to the environment and therefore avoidance of unnecessary clean-up costs and/or enforcement action by regulatory bodies
  • Compliance with legislation